Before we reincarnate on Earth, we are required by our master guides, spirit guides, teachers and mentors in Spirit to plan our next incarnation with great detail. This includes the formulation of many soul agreements (also called "soul contracts"). These are descriptive or "best-efforts" agreements (containing vows and declarations) between ourselves and other spirits, and are made prior to incarnating. This differs from the legal, prescriptive or "punitive" agreements that we're already used to signing in our daily human lives.

The soul agreements are best-efforts only because, despite the extensive planning that we undertake, there no no guarantees that the agreements will be executed as planned. There are quite simply too many variables that can affect our plans. The other contracting parties have free will too, which could be a limiting factor.

Our personal current soul agreements are stored in our "soul book" which is maintained in the akashic records, the equivalent of an online database that contains all soul books, soul agreements, and all the thoughts and actions we've all made throughout our spiritual existence, including past and current incarnations in the physical plane.

(Note: Our personal preference is to use the term "soul agreement" rather than "soul contract." However, the terms are interchangeable. The important thing to remember is that these are descriptive rather than prescriptive. To us, "agreement" seems softer than "contract.")



We make soul agreements with/for:

  • Parents
  • Relationships (spouses/soul mates, siblings, friends, etc.) including people who will act as our challenges
  • Accidental encounters
  • Animal spirits that will also incarnate to support us as our pets; we will also support them
  • Mentors, teachers, etc.
  • Ourselves (e.g. not to have wealth)



  • Some agreements are primary and some are secondary in importance.
  • Soul agreements may be revoked though this is not usually recommended. We should trust in the wisdom of our souls.
  • Akashic reader psychics can help you learn about your current soul agreements. Many people can, over time, develop the psychic muscle to access their own soul books.
  • You may need to go into a mode of high observance to assess what's happening with your soul agreements.
  • With a soul mate agreement, the contracting souls are effectively "hard-wired" to each other, so that other relationships will simply not work. These types of arrangements are not as common as one might think. This is different than the concept of a "twin flame."


EDUCATION OF A GUARDIAN ANGEL – The Training of a Spirit Guide (by Annie Stillwater Gray)

This book contains some useful examples of drafting soul contracts and incarnation planning.

In Chapter One, "My Death, My Opportunity," we find Darcimon (Darci) Stillwater, having died, now reading his own soul contract which he signed before he incarnated. He reads ...

"I, Darcimon Stillwater, do in these pages proclaim my adhesion to the Universal Will. I understand that the Great Cycle of Life is a Blessing that returns all Spirits to the place of Oneness and Universal Love. I hereby outline those experiences and challenges that I agree to undertake as I begin a new life cycle as a Spirit in human form walking the Earth plane."

Darci then reads a list of specific challenges that he recognizes because they had manifested during the toughest times in his last earth life.

In Chapter Thirteen, Darci helps Angel (as her spirit guide) draft the Soul Contract for her upcoming incarnation. A Master Guide helps them both fix the wording in some spots. Darci has to sign his own Spirit Guide Contract in which he agrees to take care of Angel and to watch over her.

Again, it is clear that the drafting of soul agreements and contracts is a serious matter and not done lightly. Much planning, analysis, drafting and review is undertaken by all parties involved. This is to maximize the experience for the incarnating spirit.



Below are three YouTube videos, "Understanding Soul Contracts," "Life Before Birth," and "Discover the Soul Contracts that Influence Your Life" which help explain the nature of these agreements. Also below is a link to a PDF file of an excellent article by Teri Uktena called, "Souls and Relationship Contracts."