MONROE (Robert)


Robert (Bob) Allan Monroe (1915 – 1995), was a radio broadcasting executive who became known for his research into altered consciousness and founding The Monroe Institute (TMI). His 1971 book "Journeys Out of the Body" is credited with popularizing the term "out-of-body experience" (initially "OBE" later "OOBE"). Monroe achieved worldwide recognition as an explorer of human consciousness and out-of-body experiences. He studied OOBE in a dedicated and scientific manner. He is also known as having developed Hemi-Sync, a patented audio technology that facilitates enhanced performance through left-right brain synchronization. The same technology has been used to enhance alertness, induce sleep, stimulate healing and evoke expanded states of consciousness.



This webpage contains what we consider to be advanced information from Monroe's OOBE work in areas of non-physical reality. Because it is somewhat technical in nature, it may not be for everyone. We've included it under RESOURCES because it is interesting and offers a glimpse into the nature of the spirit realms. It is information that was provided by Robert Monroe, a human being who was also a consciousness explorer. Therefore, for some, it is important corroborating evidence of the afterlife.

Additional more current, technical information about OOBEs may be found on our website here.



Robert Monroe wrote three books about his several hundred OOBE exploration experiences covering a thirty-year period. These were "Journeys Out of the Body" (1971, 1977), "Far Journeys" (1985) and "Ultimate Journeys" (1994).



Monroe initially explains how he started travelling out-of-the-body. He also says that there may be millions of people who have consciously experienced (and remembered their) OOBE’s. Monroe introduces the concepts of the Second Body (an energy or astral body, the soul) and the Second State (after moving out of the body). He also identifies that the Second State consists of three environments – Locales I, II and III.

Locale I

Locale I is the "Here-Now" which is the world represented by our physical senses. It may appear to be somewhat unfamiliar, but it should not appear strange or unknown unless there is distortion. While in the Second State, the traveller:

  1. floats, moves through physical objects including doors, walls and floors, and may fly;
  2. has a built-in, thought-based, navigation system which is quite accurate;
  3. may experience concentration failure or thought interference which interrupts navigation; and
  4. finds that most “visual” input registers in shades of black and white.

Locale II

Monroe says that Locale II is like a room with a sign over it saying, “Please Check All Physical Concepts Here.” It's most important characteristics are as follows:

  1. It is an infinite, non-material environment with laws of motion and matter only remotely related to the physical world. It can be visited during an OOBE or during sleep. It is unclear whether physical laws (e.g. gravity) work in this locale.
  2. It is inhabited by entities with various degrees of intelligence with whom communication is possible.
  3. Time is non-existent. There is a past and future but no cyclical separation. Past and future co-exist with “now”.
  4. The main law of Locale II is that thought defines existence. One does not perceive solid matter, though physical objects are brought into existence by thought.
  5. If the OOBE traveller relaxes his/her mind, the Second Body will be directed into Locale II, the "natural" environment.
  6. Reality is composed of one’s deepest desires and most frantic fears.
  7. Honesty is the best policy in Locale II since nothing is hidden.
  8. Rational thought in Locale II is not possible until one’s uncontrollable emotional patterns are harnessed.
  9. The “close-by” section of Locale II is an area where sexual release by its inhabitants (disjointed personalities and animate beings) is the principal motivation. In the more distant parts of Locale II, this motivation is not present.
  10. Monroe describes a park or mall-like area where newly arrived wait for friends or relatives to take them where they belong.
  11. Monroe describes several of his OOBE visits to Locale II, some friendly, some unfriendly.
  12. Periodically in Locale II, there is a physical storm that carries you and you cannot move against it, just go with it.
  13. The greatest difficulty is the inability of the conscious mind, grounded in physical reality, to accept the existence of this infinite Locale II. Because of this, observation and interpretation of Locale II experiences may not be very reliable. 
  14. There is a barrier, which blots out the memory of travel to Locale II when waking from sleep.
  15. There is a "layer" in Locale II one must pass through close to Locale I (Here-Now). One's destination in Locale II seems to be grounded completely within one's deepest constant motivations, emotions and personality drives. The most consistent and strongest of these act as your "homing" device when you enter this realm.
  16. Sometimes during a visit to Locale II, a distant Signal is heard, like heraldic trumpets. It is a signal that He is coming. Everyone calmly stops and lies down with head turned to the side, exposing their abdomen. The purpose is to create a living road over which He can travel. Music surrounds all. Returning to the physical, after experiencing Him during an OOBE trip to Locale II, resulted in extreme nostalgia and longing each time.

Locale III

Monroe says that this fits into the model of a multiverse consisting of alternative universes or realities. He explains that…

  1. Locale III is a physical-matter world almost identical to our own, but with major differences. There are no electrical devices or gas/oil-based power sources. Steam-driven technology is available. Locale III is may be less technologically advanced than our world, but the technology is different.
  2. He was able to take over the body of a man living in Locale III.
  3. Locale III might be another earth-type world or an antimatter duplicate.


COMMENTARY (GS Personal Insight)

  • Locale I (Here-Now) appears to be what the shamans/shamanic practioners call "the middle world."
  • Locale II, non-physical reality,  is a range of non-physical locations or realms (Joseph calls them "spiritual spheres") in the spirit world. The range moves from low spiritual vibration to high spiritual vibration.
  • Locale III appears to be an alternative physical reality that supports embodied souls/spirits. It could be one of an infinite number of alternate universes that Monroe has tapped into. Also, a Joseph/Seth concept.