Our higher self is important because it is our true self in Spirit. Our higher self has taken a bit of a gamble by projecting a piece of its consciousness temporarily into our physical reality (i.e. by incarnating) as part of its own spiritual development program. In a sense, it has rolled the dice in an attempt to accelerate its spiritual development. If it succeeds then, after reintegration with our piece of consciousness, our true self will vibrate higher, move "up" in the spiritual realms and be closer to our Creator. Similarly, if it fails by having a bad incarnation experience, our true self will vibrate lower, move "down" in the spiritual realms and be further away from our Creator. Our mission here is to represent and help our higher self (i.e. our true self) achieve its incarnation goals.

Our higher self is very motivated to see us succeed because it has invested itself heavily in our journey. Our higher self worked with spirit guides to define our soul agreements for this incarnation. During our incarnation, it tries to connect with us at a subconscious level and is happy when we become more aware and trust our intuition. Our higher self may send us synchronicities as a means of further communication and guidance. We need only be open and observant to benefit from this form of spiritual influence.



Below are two YouTube videos by Teal Swan which help to explain the true nature of our higher self and two supporting spiritual concepts. The first concept (left video) is that of incarnation (motivated and organized by our higher self) and our soul's subsequent reintegration (with our higher self/spirit after we die). The second concept (right video) is that our intuition is actually our higher self and further that our emotions open the doorway to our higher self.  For the first concept, Teal uses the analogy of our incarnated life being like walking into a movie theatre for a temporary experience where we learn new things and later bring that experience back to our own higher self. For the second concept, Teal uses the analogy of a current or wave of water (our higher self) which resides in an ocean (Source or God).

On Teal's website, she has a series of excellent spiritual videos to choose from. If you find it hard to choose, you can click on her "Let the Universe Choose Your Video" button. What a great website feature. Maybe your higher self will help pick the video it thinks you need to see the most!