DEDICATION (by George Supol)

This website is dedicated to Bettina Kuypers ("BK"), my dear soul mate, who (I understand unequivocally) has accompanied me on earth plane in this and several other lifetimes, and who has regularly made her spirit's presence known to me during the past two years since her passing due to cancer.


I also wish to acknowledge the following important individuals…

• Francine Kuypers ("FK"), Bettina's beloved mother and a wonderfully talented artist. Francine was Bauhaus-influenced and an inspiration to all her art students. Over the years, she was always very supportive of my efforts at both work and play.

• Laura Kuypers ("LK"), Bettina’s sister, who tagged along with me through much of my two-year spiritual journey and allowed me to share my experiences with her through email, phone calls and personal conversations.

Derek J. Bear

• Spiritual teachers on Earth who have helped me on my spiritual journey over the past two years, namely – Daniel Leonard, Vivian Osal, Teri Uktena, Michelle Skaletski-Boyd and Annie Stillwater Gray.

• Jono, my current life guide, a spirit guide who has watched over me and guided me through my current 60+ years of earth life, and who has been my most important helper during my recent spiritual transformation.

• Derek J. Bear, a teddy bear that Bettina first brought home with her in 1976 when she worked at Karelia, a wonderful Finnish retailer. Derek continues to live with me along with other members of our accumulated “tumble of teddies” (a collective noun coined by Bettina), also known as "the Boyz." Derek represents a strong demonstration of the love Bettina and I shared with each other during our life together. We gave him a unique persona and he now helps keep my memory of Bettina fresh and alive.

• Important friends who gave me helpful advice throughout the self-publishing process and who kept me motivated, namely – Kathryn Boyes, David Herzig, Ruth McRae and Ted Winick.